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In my visual art is where I attempt to express what is in my mind the most. Most of my artwork lately has been centered in collages and the "Llewellyn Script" font that I have created. A script font that really captures the raw feeling and expression I can express in my artwork. This script is used in the Purist zine as There shall be a lot more to come from this script font and artwork using this script font. My other works above are very experimental and show me using mediums that are not my usual mediums of visual art.


This section of graphic design includes some of my work throughout my college career and professionally. The majority of my designs were created in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere or AfterEffects. These range from some freelance that I have done or work created in courses that I have taken. I have a few different ways to create my designs some can start from sketches by hand, or photos I have taken, others can be made solely in design programs. The approach of the assignments in college were made in a process as if I were working with a client and my freelance work was me actually creating work for a client. More of my graphic design work is seen in the Work Experience section. 

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