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My project for the summer of 2018 at the DePaul Art Museum was focused on developing research on the African art part of DePaul’s permanent collection and help tag the items with relevant topics or classifications using the Getty Thesaurus. I would use this to upload it in their database Mimsy to make their collection more searchable online. The whole process that needed to be done for the objects was me obtaining all of the information I could on the object, writing a detailed brief on these and then tag them with the different thesaurus tags in Mimsy. By the end of the internship I was able to complete this process on 52 items of their African art collection. Through the course of this internship I went through a lot of obstacles finding information. I also learned a lot about the similarities of the African art objects in DePaul Art Museum’s collection. This internship was a great experience and I am content with the work that I was able to provide the museum with.

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