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This is a film that is written, directed, shot, styled, narrated and edited by Yaseen Llewellyn. This film is starring Amoz Wright and Jessamyn Yeates. This film was shot to be coordinated in an art exhibit spotlighting my work and creative processes and theories. All of the garments worn by them in the movie are original designs from the Yaseen Llewellyn clothing line.

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Article written by Yaseen Llewellyn

I am Yaseen Llewellyn. I am an artist, music producer, graphic designer, and fashion designer that graduated from DePaul University with a major in Graphic Design. I personalize, design, and tailor clothes. The designs I make root from a lot of different inspirations I get from experiences or just from my vision of how I want clothes to look and what I want clothes to express. Some of my designs root from me trying to express my ideologies and theories on certain subjects. This is also true to the visual art that I create. My ideologies and creativiy root from a place of finding peace through expression and chasing a vision. I hope you enjoy entering my world and experiencing my art! Purchase my clothing designs and art in the "Shop" section. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @yaseenllewellyn.

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